Porcini salad + Homemade tagliatelle with mushrooms + Fried mushrooms + fruit salad 

Euro 35,00



Beef tartare with goat cheese mousse and slices of marinated egg yolk (1-7-3)    euro 10.00

Selection of cured meat with our delights in oil  (10-7-9) euro 18.00

Boscaiolo cheese in foil with Chalet wildflower honey and herbs from Mimì garden (7)  euro 10.00

Potato croquettes with cheese, Speck smoked ham and pineapple chutney (1-7-3)    euro 10.00

Cheese board (7) ( 3 pieces) with Prodotto Chalet jams   euro 10.00

Mixed salad (green salad, tomatoes, carrots, mais, tuna, olives, mozzarella cheese) (4)    euro 9.50




Gnocchi made with nettles with fonduta cheese sauce (1-3-7) euro 11.00

Home made tagliatelle with wild boar sauce (1-3-7-9-12) euro 11.00

Buckwheat flour ravioli filled with roe deer with fresh tomato, basil and salted ricotta (1-3-7-9) euro 11.00

Soup of the day with croutons (1) euro 10.00

... for the little guests: Plain pasta  (1) euro 8.00 or pasta with tomato sauce  (1-9-7) euro 9.00


stone ground flour, with buckwheat and sauce of your choice:

- cheese sauce (7)

- wild boar stewed in red wine with raisins and pine kernels (9/12)

- sausage stewed in tomato sauce

- porcini mushrooms

- creamy leek and sausage sauce (7/9)

- butter and gorgonzola cheese (7)

- lard and walnuts (8)

euro 12.50 (with a sauce) any additional sauce euro 4.50 each

MAIN COURSES (with a side)

Roast beef with peaches, blueberries and pistachios (8)  euro 15.00

Grilled "Fassona" steak (about 500 gr.) euro 28.00

Pork steak in breadcrumbs (milanese) with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and French fries  (1-3) euro 13.50

Sliced ​​beef with green beans, dried plums and corn cob powder € 19.50

Hamburger Chalet in curcuma bread with green salad, tomatoes, stewed onion, french fries and homemade "giardiniera" (1-7-9) euro 12.00

... for the little guests: Chicken nuggets with french fries euro 10.00



Tiramisu  (1-3-7-8) euro 7.00

Creme brulee (7) euro 5.00

Homemade yogurt with Prodotto Chalet Jam (7) euro 5.00

Berries with homemade ice cream (1-3-7-8) euro 6.00

Cake of the day (1-3-7-8) euro 7.00

Homemade icecream (3 balls) euro 5.00